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Homeless Camp & Squatter Clean Up

No business or home owner should be left to clean alone without the proper knowledge of the bio hazardous waste left from scenes like these.  

With San Antonio's Homeless rate down 6% compared to the 2018's PIT count. it is still at an all time high of 2,872 people.  Without the proper resources available to most of them there is little to no help.  Squatters breaking & entering into your home/business or trespassing on your property is never expected. 


Alamo Bio Solutions is here to ensure the biohazardous waste left behind from these incidents are removed & disposed of properly.  Restoring your property by disinfecting with our EPA registered chemicals and deodorizers ensures the area will be safe for you to enter when we leave the scene. Needles, Human/Animal Waste, drug residue or chemicals can present health hazards if not disposed of or handled properly.    




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